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Paris 2019Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission is now closed

Terms & conditions

This year free paper abstracts will be replaced by presented posters to be presented in the Poster Village or as usual you can submit an ePoster.

This format will be in the style of an electronic poster, but will include an oral presentation. Authors must be present to defend and discuss their abstract.

The ‘Poster Village’ is a highly interactive area where posters are presented by the authors in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

There will be approximately 18 presented poster within a session in the ‘Poster Village’. Each author will have 5 minutes to discuss their Presented Poster with delegates. These sessions are not moderated, and the idea is NOT for the presenter to simply present their paper for the 5 minutes in the traditional way. Instead, we expect the authors and delegates to discuss the posters. Presentations will be shown on a large screen, and the author will be given an iPad to control their slides, so they can move forward and back in their presentation at will.

The presentations should be 8 PowerPoint slides in total, including the title slide. Up to 30 seconds of video may also be included within the slides.

If you choose to submit an abstract(s) we will use your personal details to keep you updated on its status including whether it has been accepted for presentation at the annual congress. If your abstract(s) is accepted for presentation at the annual meeting your contact details (name and email address) will be sent to a third party Audio Visual Company (M Events) in order for them to contact you in relation to uploading your presentation.

Abstracts must be submitted in English and follow the format below:

– Title (20 words max)
– Purpose (50 words max)
– Setting/Venue (20 words max) – Methods (100 words max)
– Results (100 words max)
– Conclusions (50 words max)
– Financial Disclosure (YES/NO)

Only one abstract per author will be accepted for presentation


Prize for this year for the top Poster is €500*

*The annual ESONT Poster Competition will need a minimum of 5 entries in order to run, presented posters will also be considered for the competition. Please note Committee members may submit an abstract but are exempt from the competition.

Terms and conditions
* All accepted poster presentations will be judged by the ESONT Committee.
* Submitted abstracts will be reviewed, graded and accepted or rejected by the ESONT Committee. The decision of this Committee is final.
* When a poster is accepted for presentation, one of the authors must undertake to present it. The presenter must be a registered delegate for the ESONT Programme.
* Formulae should, in general, be avoided.
* Failure to present without prior notice to the Committee may influence future acceptance of presentations.
* Any financial interest must be included on the first slide of the presentation.
* When using abbreviations or acronyms for the first time, care should be taken to spell them out in full with the abbreviation in parentheses after the full word/s the first time it appears in the text. The abbreviation should be used alone thereafter.
* Details regarding the audio visual facilities and requirements at the Congress Centre will be sent to all presenters with confirmation of acceptance of their abstract.

Poster presentations will be considered on the following themes:

* Operating Room
* Research
* Clinical
* Other