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Surgical Techniques in Ophthalmology Pediatric Ophthalmic Surgery

Surgical Techniques in Ophthalmology Pediatric Ophthalmic Surgery

Dr M Edward Wilson states in the forward to this book: “Children are not small adults.” He understands that paediatric ocular surgeons operate in an entirely different domain than general ophthalmologists. After all, Dr Wilson notes, the “postoperative period may last a half century or longer.” These are sobering words for those who might consider themselves unprepared, but they are also encouraging for those surgeons looking for another excellent reason to spend some more time reading up on the latest developments in the field of paediatric ophthalmic surgery.

Drs Ashok Garg and Jorge Alió have brought together a large group of sub-specialists to write “Paediatric Ophthalmic Surgery” for the Surgical Techniques in Ophthalmology series published by Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers.

This book is a detailed surgical instruction manual and atlas that covers everything from standard procedures like strabismus correction and cataract surgery to more complex glaucoma surgery, laser-assisted lacrimal bypass surgery, and paediatric keratoplasty.

Although children are not simply miniature versions of adults, the techniques employed in the treatment of their ocular pathology increasingly borrow from those developed for adults. Indeed, removable piggyback IOLs, toric bag-in-the-lens implantation, multifocal IOLs, and paediatric refractive surgery are all discussed.

Colin Kerr
Executive Editor,
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