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ESONT Poster Competition 2017

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Lisbon 2017ESONT Poster Competition 2017

eTerminals are located in the Poster Village

The winner of the 2017 Poster Competition will be announced at the beginning of the ESONT Symposium on Monday 9 October at 11.00 in Room 4.1

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K. Hall Clinical: orthoptist eye screening: juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA)
S. Ortiz-Toquero Research: Evaluation of intereye asymmetry measured by Scheimpflug-placido tomography: applicability in keratoconus diagnosis
C. Bouza-Miguens Research: Visual, refractive, and corneal flap outcomes at short time postoperative follow-up using two femtosecond laser platforms: IntraLase® vs Victus®
B. Blanco Evaluation of corneal thickness using two different non-contact devices in adult eyes
J. Maria Sanchez-Pina Changes in intraocular pressure (IOP), anterior chamber angle and corneal thickness after phacoemulsification in adult eyes
V. Carrillo Ramos Clinical:Comparison of three non-contact devices of measuring central corneal thickness
E. Villar Clinical: Preliminary Results: Epi-Bowman keratectomy (EBK) vs photorefractive keratectomy (PRK): a pilot study
M. Del Pilar Lorente Hevia Clinical Results: in a patient with keratoconus with low visual acuity
S.H Daryabari Other: Phacomorphic glaucoma as a first manifestation of the uveal malignant melanoma: a case report
F. Heidari Clinical: A comprehensive meta-analysis on intraocular pressure and central corneal thickness in healthy children
M. Khorvash Other: Social determinants in ocular diseases
G. Jafari-Yeganeh Research:Avicenna's viewpoints in ocular diseases
S. Rajabi Other: A contralateral eye study comparing corneal biomechanics in bilateral keratoconus patients with unilateral corneal Vogt’s striae
G. Bento Research: Foveal avascular zone assessment with swept source OCT angiography of fellow eyes in Coats disease
S. Reza Heydari Research:Epidemiology of cataract surgery in Noor Ophthalmology Clinic of Birjand in 2015-2016
I. Seatra Other: Orthoptica in Portugal
C. Giordano Operating Room: OCT system anterior segment
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