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The European Society of Ophthalmic Nurses and Technicians.

The European Society of Ophthalmic Nurses and Technicians was founded in 2003. ESONT is a division of the ESCRS. The Programme Committee of ESONT reports to the Board of the ESCRS. The working language of ESONT is English.ESONT’S Mission is to offer a European support network for ophthalmic nurses and technicians through the provision of a forum for communication and ongoing education and so to enhance and improve the care of the ophthalmic patient.

ESONT Meetings

ESONT holds its Annual Meeting during the ESCRS Annual Congress in September/October. The ESONT Programme includes a symposium, Free Paper Sessions,e-Posters, Instructional courses and hands-on practical courses. The next ESONT event will take 10 February 2018 in the Sava Centar, Belgrade, Serbia, full programme details are now on the website including didactic course titles and speakers. Ophthalmic personnel are strongly encouraged to visit the exhibition, access is permitted once you register for the ESONT Meeting.

Delegate Registration
Online Registration for the meeting is now available

ESONT Gala Dinner tickets are now for sale

Meet our Team

ESONT Programme Committee

Miriam Cargnoni ITALY (Chairperson)
Margarita Acebal SPAIN
Susanne Albrecht  SWEDEN
Nikos Astyrakakis GREECE
lizLiz Tomlin UK